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Visual Research

Finding Images for your Project

Whether you need a website photo; historical film for your documentary, video for your marketing message or images for your book, Big Picture Research will research, negotiate and license what you need. Pictures can tell a story or add context to your project, but unearthing them from a respected source in high quality is key.  Big Picture Research can work with your team to select the best, most accurate shots within your budget and timeframe.


Why Do I Need a Visual Researcher?

In today’s technology-driven world it is fair to say we all dabble in visual research.  Images, footage, graphics, interactive maps etc. are in front of us every day, but too much choice can make it harder to narrow down your research and cost you time. Big Picture Research helps cut through the clutter.

Online researched images can be cropped, altered and squashed down to thumbnail size and are difficult to work with.  A Visual Researcher fact-checks, seeks out the source of the image, checks the quality/size, negotiates fees and permissions for use and makes suggestions on alternatives.

Remember – the internet is also only a few decades old. Some of the best visual material is hidden away in archives, libraries and museums of the world.  An archival researcher can unearth these collections while you concentrate on other details.

Visual Researchers also have relationships with a wide range of image suppliers and organizations like the Visual Researcher’s Society of Canada, a nation-wide group of researchers, librarians and archivists who share details of the newest collections being made available to the public.  This gives us negotiating power to get more bang for your buck!


Other Visual Services

How do you organize your photos? If you already have a collection of images which needs to be properly indexed and archived, Big Picture Research will work with you to protect and preserve them.


Big Picture Research is a member of the Visual Researchers Society of Canada