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Workshops and Public Speaking

Big Picture Research positions itself as an educator and advocate for copyright compliance and digital asset planning in a world awash in data.  Learn how to find image sources on your own, limit your legal risk and better coordinate your digital assets with an educational seminar. Invite Big Picture Research to speak to your team, students or business.

Digital Legacy Planning

Digital Legacy is emerging and largely untapped in Canada so Big Picture Research has an opportunity to lead and teach on this front.  Whether you call it “legacy” or “succession”, this type of digital education is not restricted to estates.  It’s important to plan for any emergency.  What if you were incapacitated in some way or travelling and out of reach for a long period of time?  What if you were looking to sell or merge your company or take on a partner?  Stay educated on this fast moving digital trend with Big Picture Research.


Big Picture Research is a member of the Visual Researchers Society of Canada