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Digital Asset Management

Personal Archiving

To date, Digital Asset Management has been a focus of large companies and media organizations that need to share and capitalize on digital content across many offices and departments. Big Picture Research is focused on the individual and the consumer need to manage everything from computer files, passwords, financial properties and social media accounts. If your email inbox is full to capacity on a regular basis – you need some email management help. Organize, protect and preserve your digital collections in one place from loss and theft.Big Picture Research’s archival and cataloguing background makes it easy to organize your data for simple, personal use or to get involved with a bigger plan to find the right asset management software or DAM cloud solution for your needs.

Curate Your Personal Photos & Video

Curation is the key to enjoying your photos, protecting them from damage and being able to find them easily again when needed. There are too many heart-wrenching tales out there from people who have lost precious images from their photo collection. Big Picture Research can properly index and archive your collection of images and work with you to safeguard and preserve them. A little asset management and a regular back-up can make the job less stressful, help you find a photo quickly and give you peace of mind that your library is protected.

Prepare a Digital Estate Plan

Think about how much of our lives now play out online with no paper trail. Big Picture Research prepares your digital assets like passwords and important documents into a convenient inventory list that can round out your will or estate. Customers will have peace of mind for protecting their personal data from loss or theft on the internet. They will save time being able to find important materials quickly and mitigate fees by staying on top of forgotten accounts.  Ultimately, password management translates to less stress for loved ones at an emotionally difficult time.

Annual Check-up

Technology changes so fast it’s important to keep up-to-date with asset management. Big Picture Research can help stay on top of changes with a yearly visit.


Big Picture Research is a member of the Visual Researchers Society of Canada