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Copyright Clearance

Obtain Copyright Permission for your Project

Copyright law might seem difficult to understand, but the principle is straightforward; if you aren’t the creator – you need permission from the copyright holder to reuse their material.  Sometimes that permission can be verbal; sometimes it is contractual incurring fees and in other cases could meet an exception under Canada’s copyright law. Big Picture Research can help parse out your particular need and clear any underlying rights required.

Properly Negotiated Licenses

Music, moving images, artwork, photography and printed material are just a few artistic works that are protected by copyright law. Big Picture Research can negotiate with owners, agents, libraries, archives and museums as well as any talent and trade collectives which may be involved and provide backup documentation for your files.

What is Copyright Infringement?

Making use of the copyright protected material above without permission carries a risk of violating the owner’s exclusive rights.  Guard yourself against expensive fines, lawsuits and damaged reputations by speaking with Big Picture Research before you act.

Other Intellectual Property Services

Big Picture Research can put you in touch with a registered agent for Trademark or Patent registration and can work with you to establish a Digital Legacy plan.


Big Picture Research is a member of the Visual Researchers Society of Canada