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Big Picture Research tells your story visually.

Overloaded with internet images and still can’t find the perfect picture to enrich your story?

Bogged down with paperwork and license negotiations?

Want more time to focus on the creative aspects of your production?

Big Picture Research can help.


Big Picture Research works to identify high quality, visually-compelling images that enhance and bring context to a project, while securing copyright permission for their use and reducing your legal risk.

Pictures enhance and add context to stories but unearthing them from a respected source in high quality is key.  Whether it’s archival video for a documentary, photos for a book, permissions for educational courseware or music clearance for a media series, Big Picture Research will research, negotiate and license permission for its use.   

In addition, Big Picture Research company assists in managing digital files with the aim of helping clients organize them into a solid archive.

Let’s talk about your next project.  Contact laura@bigpictureresearch.com

Big Picture Research is a member of the Visual Researchers Society of Canada

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